Good procurement services are hard to find, but look no further!

JMJ began it’s life as a procurement company, and it’s still our specialty.  Our ability to “think outside the box” and perform complex purchasing operations make us an invaluable asset to government agencies and large private projects.  We pride ourselves in making the project as painless as possible for our client while using our sourcing and leverage abilities to keep costs low, which in turn makes our solutions affordable for our clients.

While remaining a personal, boutique service for our clients, we are still able to handle large and complex projects with our team of skilled and experienced personnel.  Mixed with our ability to handle logistics services for procured goods, we are the preferred one-stop-shop for several happy clients.

Our Testimonials:

” JMJ has been able to seamlessly handle our requests with professionalism and integrity.  When it comes to international procurement and logistics, JMJ is at the top of our preferred vendor list. “

Rohn YanDirector of Asia office, Hickory Flats Inc

“Amazing ability to get the hard-to-find items on a tight budget and schedule.”

Viru JadejaSales Manager, ACE Kenya

“Always world-class service and support.”

Kendall DavisK and L Marketing

“Great prices and products, good people!”

Charlie TerrelTNT Construction

While being able to leverage contacts and suppliers in dozens of countries, our main areas of operations are:

  • Huntsville, AL
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Nairbo, Kenya
  • Shanghai, China
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala

Please feel free to contact us with inquiries to receive more information on our abilities, and to discuss how we can make your business run more efficiently through our procurement services.